Rawcous CIC and Raw learning collaborating for the children of Essex.

What we do

We are an alternative provision for children who experience trauma or anxiety associated with a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning difference. We support parents wanting to provide a mainstream education in an alternative setting.



We use Belchamps in Hockley for our Forest school, Drama, Art workshops and specialist interventions which involve a multi-sensory, kinaesthetic approach. 


Our current sessions

Pre-school phonics sessions in a woodland setting: These sessions are designed to be multi-sensory, explicit teaching of phonics: 3-5 years (this is especially designed for children who have other siblings with sen in the family and are not yet within the school system) We also offer this just as a way of exploring kinaesthetic phonics teaching 


Forest School for Home Educated families: 5-11 years


Specialist 1:1 interventions for dyslexia and dyspraxia: 5-12 year 


Maths and English sessions: for children who are/ have experienced anxiety. 


The STILL method: a course about anxiety and giving children the tools to understand their emotions. 6-12


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