Rawcous CIC and Raw learning collaborating for the children of Essex.

What we do?

Raw Learning provides opportunities in an outdoor setting for children to develop a variety of skills:  PSHE skills specifically such as independence, self-discovery, communication, self-esteem, and confidence building. Children learn to take risks, use their initiatives and co-operate.

Beyond this, our teachers use the outdoor environment as a vehicle for art activities, key science concepts, developing physical skills and a whole lot more! Learning sessions are adult-led but provide flexibility for children to follow their own learning pathways and interests.



We use ARK Lane in Hockley for our Forest setting using specialist interventions which involve a multi-sensory, kinaesthetic approach. 


Well-being is at the heart of everything we do at Raw Learning. Not only are high levels of well-being an important part of feeling happy, secure, and fulfilled, but they are also a critical component in the pursuit of high-quality learning. High levels of well-being allow a child to be fully present and prepared to learn.

Our high focus on developing emotional intelligence and high levels of mental, emotional, and physical well-being ensures our children not only maintain positive mental health, physical development, and emotional health, but crucially that they understand the value of these. 

Our children are motivated, inspired, and confident in their ability to make their own decisions knowing their voice is important and it wants to be heard. We help them to find their strengths and enable them to thrive as happy, rounded individuals who can go on to make a positive impact in the world.


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